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2015/10/31–2015/12/13 | 情景生活circumstance溫孟瑜個展

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主辦人/單位: WINWIN ART未藝術空間
活動類別: 展覽 , 其他

首次展演日期: 2015-10-31    結束展演日期: 2015-12-13
10/31 (六)15:00;10/31-12/13

活動地點: winwinart 未藝術空間
活動地址: 803高雄市鹽埕區大勇路1號






My works are themed with space and objects of life. By the way of collecting and restructuring, I complete the fill-in and the characterization of space and construct the internal circumstance related to space.



The objects seen in the space connect with many circumstances. They are deployed from fragments of numerous memories: the fascinating circular wallpaper in a japanese restaurant where I eat frequently; the empty swimming pool littered with dead leaves in the community which can be seen when I look down from my apartment; the traces of the old dusty furniture placed in the attic at home, that shows it is rarely used, is illuminated by the slight light shines through the French windows. Here, objects are the main part that compose the circumstance. They are placed in it as symbols of the elaboration of emotion which tries to continue the stories in life.



Since 2013, the image of window frame has developed as another direction in the works. On the canvas, the frame separates patterns and color blocks and cuts open the distance between each other in the space. At the same time, through the implication of watching, the image in the frame becomes a decorative painting, a distant landscape, the reflection of soul, and the image interweaves the circumstance projected.



Comparing to former works, this time, the creation is more focused on the image in the frame. Through the cross using of technique of serigraphy and flat coating, these circumstances organize the floating emotion in daily life, certain fragment of experience and extension. As an engraving artist of origin, serigraphy is one of the techniques I use for my creations. It's presentation on the canvas condenses the complicated process of serigraphy itself. Plate making, exposure, rinse of plate, are turned into flat, meticulous  pattern, and through the sedulous artificial operation, the strength of meshed pattern and ink scrap shows the particularity of the technique. The flat coating technique used here to display the construction of physical space. I simplify the space, pile up the form  related to interior space with thickness and texture of color blocks, they change into logic of their own viewing space. The floating pigment is also used to symbolize the overflowing emotional atmosphere in these works. 



The same scenes are depicted many times, they have their own appearance gradually in the process and project the illusion of memories piled up. In the state of restructuring, the contact between objects and space is sometimes memorial, sometimes colorful, and other times interactive. It simulates the circumstance in life. The traces and emotions born in the circumstance, connects gradually with the space, time, memories of myself, and construct “Circumstance”.


◙ Opening|10/31 (六)15:00

◙ 展覽名稱|情景生活溫孟瑜個展circumstance

展出藝術家|溫孟瑜Meng-Yu Wen


展覽地點|WINWIN ART未藝術空間


營業時間|週二~週日 12:00 - 20:00


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活動聯絡電話: 07-5210014   

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